Ganesh Chemical Industries Inception 1969 (Dombivli)
Products Dimethyl Sulfate, Dimethyl Aniline
Credentials Largest manufacturer of Dimethyl Aniline in the world
Market Reach All consumers of DMS and DMA
Hindustan Monomers Pvt Ltd Inception 1979 (Dombivli)
Products 4,4' Dichloro diphenyl sulfone; 4,4'Dihydroxy diphenyl sulfone; 4,4'Diamino diphenyl sulfone; 3,3',4,4' Tetramethyl diphenyl sulfone
Credentials First manufacturer of DCDPS and DADPS in India
Market Reach All major consumers of DCDPS
Triveni Chemicals Inception 1978 (Dombivli)
Products (major): Bromostyrol; Allyl Heptanoate; Allyl Capronate; Allyl phenoxy acetate Supply to major companies in India and exports to Europe
Credentials India and some EU countries
Market Reach
Poise Chemicals Inception 1992 (Dombivli)
Products Nerolin Yara yara, Ortho Tolyl Meta Amino Phenol, Dehydro thio p-toluidine sulfonic acid, 6-Acetyl Yara yara Largest manufacturer of Nerolin Yara yara in India
Ganesh Polychem Ltd Inception 2002 (Vapi)
Products 4,4' Dichloro diphenyl sulfone, 4,4' Diamino diphenyl sulfone
Credentials Largest manufacturer and exported of DCDPS in the world
Market Reach All major consumers of DCDPS (polymer grade)
BanChem Intermediates Inception 2005 (Dombivli)
Products Custom synthesis (High value products & sulfone intermediates)
Credentials Major Multinational companies in the USA and EU
High Purity Materials Pvt Ltd Inception 2006 (Ambernath)
Products Small Intermediates
Credentials DSIR certified laboratory


  • Polymer Intermediates
  • Thermal Paper Intermediates
  • Sulfones (Diphenyl Sulfone series)
  • Perfumery Intermediates
  • Pharmaceutical Intermediates
  • Industrial Solvents / Dye Intermediates
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  • Ganesh Chemical Industries
  • Hindustan Monomers Pvt Ltd
  • Triveni Chemicals
  • Poise Chemicals
  • Ganesh Polychem Ltd
  • BanChem Intermediates
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